Improve Your Performance with a Positive Sales Psychology

For some salespeople, everything they touch seems to turn to gold. They earn six figure salaries, live in seven-bedroom houses, drive the latest sports car, and always have the latest gadgets.

They are happy, optimistic, relaxed and calm individuals. At work they are at the top of their game. Junior salespeople look up to them while their employers regard them as an indispensible asset due to the high profits they rake in.

But what is it that makes the top salespeople so successful?

Strangely enough it often has little to do with their superior selling skills, greater product knowledge or greater awareness of their target market than colleagues.

Rather, the most successful salespeople in today’s marketplace are those that have a winning psychological edge.

True sales success requires a positive mindset

The most successful people, invariably, have a positive mindset – a “winning edge” – that sets them apart from their competitors and colleagues. This enables them to excel at every stage of the sales process. Whether it be prospecting, cold calling, making appointments, building rapport, presenting, closing, getting referrals, up-selling, or cross-selling, a positive mindset enables them to achieve higher performance levels and greater effectiveness than those with similar skill sets.

A positive mindset and a high self-concept make the top salespeople more committed and determined to achieve their objectives. In turn, they set higher targets for themselves which they are confident and assured that they will successfully achieve. This is why, in most sales organisations, 80% of sales are made by just 20% of their salespeople.

If you want to sell more and earn higher commissions, you need to adopt a positive mindset. If you already have a positive mindset, you need to increase your self-concept and your self-expectations. You have to increase the amount you believe you are capable of earning, raise your aspirations and set higher hoops to jump through.

The sky is the limit. It is only your own mindset and self-concept that is holding you back.

By taking a more positive outlook on your sales career and increasing your self-concept and self expectations, you can raise the bar in terms of your own performance levels and effectiveness when it comes to making sales.

Written by: Steve Eungblut, Managing Director of Sterling Chase